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The Opportunity

We have business owners in our network making over $100k annual net revenue from a single treatment center. As an AirAllé® licensee, you too can build a profitable business with a premium brand. Learn more.

The AirAllé Advantage

You can build a lucrative business giving peace of mind to parents seeking a single, safe, guaranteed lice treatment. You’ll have a competitive advantage over the mom-and-pop lice-removal services that can’t use the revolutionary AirAllé device. Learn more.

The Business Model

Our licensees operate treatment centers and mobile services with their own personal touch, without the restrictions of a franchise. You just pay us a flat fee for each treatment you do. Learn more.

Why Licensing?

As an AirAllé licensee, you’ll be part of the world’s largest lice-removal network. Because you’ll carry the AirAllé name, customers will know you’re providing a premium service. Learn more.


We will support you with an exclusive territory, national marketing and lead generation, advice on local ads, training and certification, and equipment and treatment products. Learn more.

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