The AirAllé® Advantage

Hundreds of lice-treatment centers have popped up over the past few years to capitalize on parents’ growing reluctance to treat head lice at home. These parents are paying hundreds of dollars for someone else to treat the problem. We believe starting a lice-treatment business is the next big thing for entrepreneurs with a passion for helping others.

However, there has never been a dominant brand in this industry. Until now. Until AirAllé.

AirAllé is a premium lice-removal service that uses a combination of its proprietary (and patent-protected) heated-air device, combing, and topical treatments to kill head lice and eggs. Professional AirAllé lice treatments take about an hour in elegant, salon-style centers.

Build a Profitable Business as an AirAllé® Licensee

As an AirAllé licensee, you can build a lucrative business giving peace of mind to parents seeking a single, safe, guaranteed lice treatment. You’ll also have a competitive advantage over the mom-and-pop lice-removal services that can’t use the revolutionary AirAllé device, and must rely on their ability to pick every last louse and nit out of a kid’s hair.

At AirAllé, we provide you a low cost of entry in a recession-proof business that truly makes people’s lives better. And as part of the AirAllé network, you’ll have our support the whole way.

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