Benefits of Licensing with AirAllé™

There are four keys to running any business successfully:

  • A large market
  • A great product
  • Competitive advantage
  • Consumer awareness

We provide our licensees with these keys and then give them the freedom to run their business.

A Huge Market

Head lice afflict people everywhere in the world. Approximate annual lice cases and total possible revenues are as follows:

  • $3 billion global market (200 million lice cases)
  • $350 million U.S. market (12 million lice cases)

A Product that Works

An AirAllé lice treatment is the only lice treatment in the world that uses the IP-protected, FDA-cleared AirAllé device. Using only heated air, the device kills lice and over 99% of lice eggs through dehydration.

A Real Competitive Advantage

AirAllé licensees are so confident in the effectiveness of an AirAllé treatment that they are able to offer guarantees for their services. Here are some of the competitive advantages you’ll have:

  • An AirAllé treatment is safe and non-toxic Many competing lice-treatment products use pesticides.
  • Higher price-point based on value of service Parents are willing to spend the money necessary for treatment solutions that are fast and effective.
  • Highly effective treatment process Most lice treatments on the market do not kill lice eggs very effectively. That usually means multiple treatments are necessary. The AirAllé device kills over 99 percent of lice eggs.
  • No resistance from Super Lice Over the past couple of decades, lice have evolved resistance to many OTC and Rx lice products. Because it uses heated air to kill them, the AirAllé device has no trouble killing these so-called Super Lice.

Big Brand Awareness

As an AirAllé licensee, you’ll be part of the world’s largest lice-removal network. Because you’ll carry the AirAllé name, customers will know you’re providing a premium service.

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