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AirAllé® helps entrepreneurs build a better world for themselves and those afflicted with head lice. We have the world’s largest network of lice-removal professionals with over 300 open clinics across the globe -- and we are just getting started. We offer you:

The freedom to create a business that fits you and your community.

Our clinic owners operate treatment centers and mobile services with their own personal touch, without the restrictions of a franchise. You just pay us a flat fee for each treatment you do.

A simple solution for a not-so-simple problem.

For most people, treating head lice is hard. However, treating it with AirAllé is easy. Lucky for you, we don’t sell the AirAllé device to consumers. They have to get treated by a Certified AirAllé Operator™.

A proven concept.

If you have dreams of starting the next Facebook, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you want to limit your business risk by becoming a licensee of a company with a proven track record, we want to talk to you. AirAllé provides a solution you can trust with financial rewards you can depend on.

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