Business Testimonials

Below are testimonials of some of the independent business owners who license our AirAllé® technology.

The decision to provide a lice removal service using the AirAllé device over the strand-by-strand method was easy because of the science behind the device, people really respond well to that. I am also able to provide pricing that is set and I find clients value that over a service that charges hourly because they know the cost up front.

- Christine Cherry, Owner of Nits End

The AirAllé treatment is the most efficient treatment we have found so far. With moderate to heavy infestations we used to charge clients for three and four hours of combing with no guarantee. With the AirAllé treatment, we can complete a job in an hour and a half: flat fee, guaranteed, great outcome.

- Julie Blumenthal, Owner of Lice Aunties

The benefits of the AirAllé device to my business are as follows: It's efficient and effective! No more endless follow-ups. We are much more efficient now. We do one treatment and offer a complimentary follow-up to assure the client all is well. I am saving on the labor it took to do countless follow ups. Clients love the idea that they only need to clean their environments once! Since there are virtually no viable nits left in their hair they do not have to worry about shedding hairs which could potentially have a viable nit. Further, parents and schools feel more confident in our service since AirAllé is an FDA-cleared medical device and we are certified operators. It lends a sense of legitimacy to our service. Plus the very official looking treatment certificate is further proof of our treatment's efficacy.

- Sarah Casello-Reese, Founder of Rapunzel's Lice Boutique

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