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You know how disruptive an outbreak of head lice can be at your camp. That's why many camps now rely on the AirAllé® lice device. The AirAllé treatment:

  • Is kid-friendly
  • Is a single, fast "green" treatment
  • Uses no water, shampoos or sinks
  • Uses only controlled heated air
  • Kills over 99 percent of lice eggs

"Now, when a child is found with head lice, we can do the half-hour treatment and know the eggs have been taken care of. It's nice to know lice can't form immunity to the heat treatment like they can with chemicals and pesticides in other medications."
- Holly Ehrke, program manager at Thunder Bay Health Services, WI

You too can use AirAllé to help keep your campers lice-free by hiring a professional AirAllé operator in your area to screen and treat head lice at your camp.

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