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AirAllé® Lice Treatment Testimonials

Below are some reviews of customers receiving professional lice treatments from our AirAllé® service providers around the world.

After hundreds of dollars spent on worthless prescription and over-the-counter so-called remedies, hours turned into days of combing and a near emotional breakdown, I came across an AirAllé provider. I happily went to her to receive "treatment" and wished I had known of her before I wasted so much time and money.

- Balbina, IL

I am a certified school nurse with almost 20 years experience. As I have had extensive experience diagnosing and treating head lice. Unfortunately except for the LiceMeister comb there was very little that could be done because all the recommended pediculicides are lice resistant. I referred my first parent and student with head lice to one of your AirAllé salons. I have to tell you that I was quite skeptical at first. I re-admitted that child back to school today and am flabbergasted at the results. The child was clean, not a nit was found and I am most impressed with the fact that no chemical products were used.

- Randi, PA

The AirAllé treatment has shown astounding results! The following days have demonstrated NO continuing infestation or resulted in any further specimens whatsoever! Undoubtedly your profession is warranted and a shear necessity. I do admit I did very much have my doubts, especially in the wake of MANY who claimed it would not work and that it was a waste of money, however your results speak for itself. We dealt with lice once before, and it was a complete and utter headache quarantining everything and washing hair with bottles and bottles of chemicals. Rest assured I will keep you on my contact list as long as my children are in school! Thank you for making your service available!

- Robert, TX

Lisa and Rachel came to my rescue after some unsuccessful mayonnaise treatments I did on my daughter's hair that I had read on the internet. I really didn't want to use the over the counter pesticides on my child's scalp either. When I called them, they came to my house in no time and methodically worked through my 8-year-old's hair and then discovered that I was infected too! The AirAllé treatment was painless and the comb-outs were much easier with the natural products they used. It was especially comforting combing out dead lice after the AirAllé treatments, versus live ones! I was (and still am) grateful for all of the helpful tips and instruction they gave me since the Internet information was so varied. The most important thing though was the empathy and care they showed for our situation making us feel like we weren't alone.

- A., MN

My family hired Ladibugs in the Fall of 2010 when four of our five family members contracted lice. My middle child caught it from a classmate at her elementary school and it spread through the family, despite what I thought were diligent efforts to get rid of the lice. In fact, we tried many products and services to eradicate the lice from our hair and our home, including RID, two prescription medications and a professional nitpicker. None of these worked and we had been trying to address lice outbreak for nearly four weeks when I heard about Ladibugs. I'm pleased to say the Ladibug's AirAllé and subsequent foam product treatment worked miraculously! We were lice free in 5 days. And I had great peace of mind knowing the Ladibug staff are registered nurses and the AirAllé device is clinically proven to work. Call Lisa and Rachel today. They are timely, professional and confidential. Ladibugs, Inc. is worth every penny.

- Leah, MN

I just wanted to say thank you. My daughter and I received the AirAllé treatment last month and I'm so happy I found your service! Apparently I had no clue what to look for regarding eggs because I spent nearly 3 months trying to get rid of them. The one-time AirAllé treatment worked wonderfully and we continue to use the conditioner to help keep them at bay. Again, thank you for the professional, friendly and superb service!

- A., MI

OK I want to express my gratitude to Larry and AirAllé for not only eliminating the lice from my daughter's hair, but for treating her so kindly. Lice is stressful for the whole family and we were thrilled to be free of those nasty critters. It was well worth the price to be lice free. Thanks Larry!

- Melissa, UT

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"The AirAllé treatment was well worth the money. It saved me from weeks of worry and messy self-treatments." Tracy, CA
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