Lice Nit Treatment


If you're searching for lice nit treatment, you're asking the right question. Lots of things kill head lice. But the nits? They don't die as easily.

What is a lice nit? Nits are lice eggs, and many people don't realize that getting rid of them is the trickiest part of a lice treatment. If you don't kill the nits, you'll have to retreat your head once they've hatched.

Lice spend 8-9 days in their eggs before hatching (see the lice life cycle). During that time, the eggs' highly impervious shells do much to protect them from the lice pesticides, essential oils or suffocation products used in killing lice.

Lice combs can be an effective way of treating nits. Even though they don't kill the eggs, they are designed to catch the nits in their fine teeth and pull them off the hair. Unfortunately, nits are small and easy to miss (see a nit picture). It takes a lot of practice to do a completely effective comb-out, and most people doing home lice treatments are novices.

The professional AirAllé® lice device is a very effective lice nit treatment using just heated air. The treatment kills the nits by drying them out. Published research shows the AirAllé device kills lice and 99.2 percent of eggs in a single treatment.

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