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ABC7 News
Super Lice
ABC7 News Chicago September 1, 2015

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Are Selfies Really Causing The Spread Of Head Lice In Teens?
BuzzFeed February 24, 2014

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Are selfies causing the spread of head lice?
c|net February 24, 2014

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Everything you (never) wanted to know about lice treatment
Charlotte Observer February 7, 2014

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Technology developed at U 'blows away' head lice
Seattle PI February 6, 2014

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New FDA-approved lice treatment now available in Hampton Roads
WVEC, Channel 13 January 27, 2014

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Salon offers free head lice checks
The Republic January 27, 2014

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Hair Maidens 'blows away' head lice using technology from University of Utah researchers
Deseret News January 21, 2014

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Utah's First Lice Clinic Opens
KUTV January 21, 2014

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Next Big Thing: A New Solution to Lice
Salt Lake Magazine November 30, 2013

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Coeur d’Alene woman’s AirAllé machine offers new approach to attacking lice
Spokesman Review November 26, 2013

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Get Rid of Head Lice in One Treatment
ABC 4Utah October 9, 2013

Major News Coverage

NPR icon
The Key to Keeping Lice at Bay? A Lot of Hot Air
NPR April 9, 2012

Time icon
Bugged Out
Time Magazine March 27, 2011

CNN icon
How Should I Treat My Daughter's Lice?
CNN Health March 28, 2011

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Beware of the Superlice
ABC Nightline News September 1, 2010

NBC News icon
New Lice Treatment Could Blow Problem Away
NBC News November 7, 2006

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One Louse, Ick. Two Lice, Call for Help!
New York Times April 9, 2010

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Treatment-Resistant Super Lice Invade Schools
Yahoo Health April 12, 2013

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You Don't Need Your Own Idea to be a Successful Entrepreneur
Forbes February 23, 2013

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20 Ways to Kill Head Lice
MSN Healthy Living January 5, 2013

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