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Contraindications and Possible Risks of the AirAllé® Device


The AirAllé device cannot be used to treat persons who cannot sense temperature or pain; who cannot communicate physical discomfort; who have open head wounds, sores, or visible signs of skin or scalp abnormalities or who have received radiation treatment of the head within the last 6 months; or those who have cranial or facial implants.

Note that safe use of the AirAllé device has not been demonstrated for children under the age of 4 years old.

Possible Risks

Larada Sciences has focused on maximizing the safety and effectiveness of AirAllé treatments while minimizing the possibility of any risks. To date, no adverse effects have been reported; no one has been hurt by this treatment. However, as is the case with all medical devices, there are some risks which, although they have been reduced to levels that are as low as reasonably practicable, are still possible when the AirAllé device is used:

CAUTION: Because the device delivers heated air, there is a slight possibility of scalp burn if the device is not used according to instructions.

CAUTION: Some dead or living lice and louse eggs may remain in the hair after an AirAllé treatment. For cosmetic reasons and to improve the likelihood that all lice and eggs are removed from the hair and scalp after treatment, a complete comb-out with a louse comb is recommended.

CAUTION: For use only on clients with dry, untangled hair that can be easily combed or picked and whose scalp and hair are clean and free of hair and scalp treatment products, including conditioners, creams, gels, dressings, or oil-containing products.

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