Support and Training

Being a part of the world’s largest lice-removal network certainly has its advantages. As an AirAllé licensee, you will receive:

  • Protected territory We want your business to remain competitive, so we strategically approve AirAllé licensee territories to avoid cannibalizing business.
  • National marketing and lead generation Not only will you benefit from local marketing assistance, you’ll also benefit from our national marketing and branding efforts.
  • Advice on local ads It can be difficult to know how to promote a new business. We have experts in marketing that will assist you on how to get started and train you on how to manage your local advertising.
  • Training and certification As a licensee, you’ll go through extensive training and certification to prepare you to become an expert in this industry so you can provide the level of service expected by AirAllé customers.
  • Equipment and treatment products From the AirAllé lice device to topical products and refills, we supply the equipment needed to operate your business.

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